To make Satri Nakhonsawan one of top one hundred universal quality schools in Thailand.
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Welcome to Satri Nakhonsawan School,Thailand.

School History

        Satri School in an extra large school which was established since 2rd of February, 1912 on Royal estat. Where was opposite of Siam Commercial Bank of Paknampo Fresh Market nowadays. The school was originally named “SatriPaknampo School”
        In 1915, Her Royal Highness Princess Saisavali Bhiromya, the royal consort of King Rama V had funded 5,000 baht to construct the school buildings
        In 1918, The school was promoted to be “Nakhonsawan Precinct Highschool” Where provided Mathayom 1 – 3 level of education for girl only, then had changed the name to “Nakhonsawan Precinct High School for girls”
        In 1928, “Nakhonsawan Precinct High school for girls” providec Mathayom 6 level of education and provided inqression for Prathom 4[1] students from district in NS precinct. The school provided coexistingly general subject and pedagogy. When the students graduated in Mathayom 3 and pedagogy, they would get Precinct – level Teaching Certification which lately had been changed to “Provincial Teaching Certification”
        In 1932, “Nakhonsawan Precinct”  had been changed to “Nakhonsawan Province” and “Nakhonsawan- precinct school for girls” to “Nakhonsawan Provincial school for girls”
        In 1939, Ministry of Education abrogated “Provincial girl’s Normal school”
        In 1948, Ministry of Education intended the provincial school for girls to run a kindergarten education within the school and assigned the principle of provincial school as the head of the kindergarten school at the same time the school provided education from kindergarten to Prathom 4 level.
        “Nakhonsawan Provincial School for girls” has been moved to present location and has been known as “Satri Nakhonsawan school”  Orinally there was a 1 – story building on 10 Rais and 377 square meters.
        In 1962, The school provide “Art and lanquges” program in high school level (M 4 - 6)
        In 1964, The kindergarten school separated to Nakhonsawan Primary Education office and the school had change the campaign not to receive any boys in 1982 then in 1997, the school has changed to be coeducation school and provides education for boys again.
        In 1986, The school won the prize of  “Standard school” from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.     
        In 1999, “A Royal Award for outstanding school” at Jitlada Palace.
        In 2000, A Royal Award of Botanical Gurden in accerdance with Plant Genetic Preservation Project of   Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
        In 2003, A Royal Certificate of Botanical Garden First-Stage Certificate of environmental preservative intention.
        In 2004, “A Royal Award of outstanding school”
        In 2011, “A Royal Certificate of Botanical Garden Second-Stage, Certificate of the Institute with potentials for all inclusive Botanical Garden Project Base.
        Certified as standard educational institute from 3rd round external assessment by Office for Nation Standard and Quatity Assessment (ONESQA)

[1] In the past, Prathom 4 was the highest level of primary education in Thailand.